In the year of our Lord 1883, out on a hill called eight-mile, Joshua was born. During the early years of Joshua, Rev. Handy Washington was called to pastor. Dec. Henry Gilliard, Sr., was the first deacon. Dec. Gilliard was credited with giving the church its name.

As the years passed, Rev. Edward Simmons became pastor of Joshua and served for several years. Following Pastor Simmons, Rev. W. L. McFall of Kingstree, South Carolina served as pastor for four years. When Rev. McFall left, Rev. Edward Burns then pastored for years while serving as assistant pastor of Fourth Tabernacle Baptist Church.

In January of 1940 the Rev. J. S. Simmons was called to shepherd the flock and served for 47 years. During Pastor Simmons service, many souls were led to Christ and several ministers and deacons were ordained.

When Pastor Simmons was called home to be with the Lord, Rev. Robert L. Grove was installed as pastor in April of 1988 and has continued to lead the flock with a vision for moving Joshua to the next level in the Lord.

On Sunday, May 25, 2003 after 5 months of holding service in the Baptist Center, the members of Joshua along with family and friends marched into our new sanctuary. Praise God! God has blessed Joshua tangibly which is evidenced by this beautiful new sanctuary and intangibly by the love and fellowship that is in this place. Since moving into our new sanctuary, God has blessed Joshua with several new ministries, such as WHTH U, Y.E.S., Power Hour and many more. Joshua continues to pray as our pastor leads us in our purpose, Reaching People for Christ.

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