Ministry Name
Church Historian Tammie Proctor, Historian
Young Women’s Auxiliary (YWA) Jhaness Dixon, President
Brotherhood Deacon Lawrence Strother, President
Deacon Anthony Glover, Vice President
Budget Committee Deacon Eugene Wright, President
Building Committee Deacon Casdell Singleton, President
C.A.P.P.S. Sister Trena Haskell, Chair
Church Clerk Sister Karen Pratt, Church Clerk
Sister Betty Rouse, Assistant Church Clerk
Church Mother Deaconess Helen Hill
Deaconesses Deaconess Mary Pinckney, President
Reverend Linda Warren, Vice President
Deacons Deacon Joe Fields, Chair
Deacon Casdell Singleton, Vice Chair
Decorating Committee Sister Barbara Jenkins Dent, President
Educational Ways & Means Sister Marilyn Capers, President
Media Sister Jackie Dent, President
JBC Health Care Providers Sister Kathy Yellets, President
Joshua’s Journal Sister Trena Haskell, Editor
Joshua’s Pearls Sister Cindy Cato, President
Kitchen Committee Sister Kathy Yellets, President
Let’s Talk, Jesus is Listening Minister Belinda Bennett, President
Lord’s Angels Sister Alexis Jenkins, President
Mentoring Brother Zach Oree, President
Ministers’ Wives First Lady Maria Anderson, President
Missionaries Sister Trudie Dukes, Vice President
Music Ministry Vacant, Director of Music
New Members Deacon Anthony Glover, President
Reverend Mary Glover, President
Pastor’s Aide Sister Mary McNeal, President
Deacon Joseph Fields, Advisor
Security Brother Clarence Isler, President
Senior Ushers Sister Bridgett Lindsay, President
Seniors Ministry Sister Dianne Smith, President
Summer Enrichment Program Sister Trudie Dukes, President
Sunday School Sister Shelley Brown, Superintendent
Sister Cindy Meggett, Assistant Superintendent
Trustees Deacon Frank Brown, Chair
Deacon Lawrence Strother, Vice Chair
W. E. Hugee Male Choir Brother Albert Hill, Jr., President
Wednesday Inspirational Hour Rev. Albertha Isler, President
Deaconess Helen Hill, President
WHTH U Sister Denise Glover, President
Young Adult Ushers Ministry Sister Shanstacy Pugh, President
Youth Department Deaconess Sonya Jenkins, Chair
Voices of Joshua Sister Latoya Middleton, President
Information Technology (IT) Sister Trena Haskell, President
D.R.E.A.M. Sister Ariel Ellerson, President
D.O.T.T.C. Sister Joan Simmons, President
Faithful Workout Sister Angie Green, President
Praise Ministry Sister Sonie Haymond, President

Winding Chain Team Leaders

Team Scripture Leaders Hour
1 - Prosperity Deut. 8:18 Dea. Frank & Rev. Cecily Brown 7:00 am
2 - Commitment Psalm 37:5 Dea. Eugene & Deaconess Sarah Wright 8:00 am
3 - Salvation Romans 10:9-10 Dea. Albert & Mother Helen Hill 9:00 am
4 - Healing James 5:13 Dea. Arnold & Deaconess Sonya Jenkins 10:00 am
5 - Increase I Chronicles 4: 9-10 Dea. Joseph and Sis. Betty Fields 11:00 am
6 - Health 3 John Dea. Lawrence & Deaconess Alma Strother 12:00 pm
7 - New Members John 3:16 Dea. Charles & Deaconess Mary Pinckney 1:00 pm
8 - Expansion Deut. 28:12 Dea. Leroy & Deaconess Clarice White 2:00 pm
9 - Deliverance Luke 4:18-19 Dea. Anthony & Rev. Mary Glover 3:00 pm
10 - Youth Proverbs 22:6 Dea. Casdell & Deaconess Chenette Singleton 4:00 pm
11 - Wisdom James 1:5-6 Dea. Leroy & Deaconess Shelley Brown 5:00 pm
12 - Knowledge and Understanding Proverbs 3:5-6 Dea. John & Rev. Linda Warren 6:00 pm

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